Home Visiting Programs

Parent Survey for Community Outreach

Parenting Resource Coordinators and Supervisors (4 days):

The Parent Survey is an evidence based tool for learning about the strengths and challenges facing expectant and new parents and determining which families in your community will most benefit from intensive home visiting and other available parenting resources.

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During this 4 day seminar, participants gain skills for having strength-based, supportive conversations with parents resulting in them being motivated to access community services that will strengthen their parenting and family relationships.

At the end of this training, each participant will have developed inter-rater reliability in using the Parent Survey tool. Starting with building the philosophical foundation for our work with families and overall program goals, the following topics will be addressed providing practical "how to" strategies and many opportunities for skill-building practice:

  • Underlying Principles: Four Guideposts for Relationships with Families
  • Overview of the Parent Survey Process
  • The Parent Survey Conversation
  • Completing the Parent Survey
  • Involving Fathers
  • Documentation
  • Challenging Parent Survey Situations
  • Overview of the Role of the Family Visitor
  • Professional Boundaries, and Parent Resource Coordinator Self-Care Tips
  • Quality Assurance and Benefits of Supervision for Parent Resource Coordinators

Just for Supervisors/Program Managers (1 day):

This day of training introduces Parenting Resource Coordinator supervisors to their four basic roles, with a special focus on meeting the needs of the individual supervisors attending:

  • Supporting Parent Resource Coordinators to Integrate Training into On-the-Job Skills
  • Clinical Supervision Specific to Parent Survey process
  • Program Management and Quality Assurance (including data system, hiring and training staff, internal quality management, etc.)
  • Community Liaison

* Group size is limited to 12 Parenting Resource Coordinators and/or Supervisors.

Integrated Strategies for Home Visiting Seminar

Home Visitors/Parent Child Practitioners and Supervisors (4 day):

In this 4-day skill-driven course, home visitors and other family practitioners acquire new tools for motivating and communicating with parents of infants and young children aimed at supporting parents to form secure attachment relationships, be involved in their child’s development, strengthen the foundations of their family and solve their problems. Concrete skills are gained through video demonstrations followed by hands-on practice with commonly encountered parenting and family scenarios. Topics Covered Include:

  • Why Prevention Programs for New Parents are a Wise Investment
  • Building Prevention Programs that Build Protective Factors for Children
  • Early Brain Development: New Frontiers
  • Effects of Neglect and Childhood Trauma on Development and Adult Functioning
  • Parent-Child Attachments: Ingredients and End Products
  • Infant Cues and Signals
  • CHEEERS: A Parent-Child Interaction-Relationship Assessment Tool
  • Early Child Development: New Perspectives
  • The Strength-Based Solution-Focused Approach: Examination of the Practitioner’s Beliefs and Interactions
  • 7 Strength-Based, Solution-Focused Strategies for Motivating Nurturing Parenting and Strengthening Parents/Families
  • Goal Setting and Follow Through: Making It Interesting and Painless for Everyone
  • Dads Do Matter: Motivating Fathers to Participate in Your Program
  • Embracing Culture & Traditions to Strengthen Families
  • Establishing and Maintaining Professional Boundaries

Just for Supervisors/Managers (1 day):

This day of training introduces Home Visitor Supervisors to their four basic roles, with a special focus on meeting the needs of the individual supervisors attending:

  • Management Systems for Launching Your Program
  • Supporting Family Visitors to Integrate Training into On-the-Job Skills
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Quality Management for New Programs

* Group size is limited to 12 Parenting Resource Coordinators and/or Supervisors.

Great Kids, Inc. views the professional development of Home Visiting as a continuous process. While most training programs are content driven, the Great Kids approach to Home Visiting is skill driven. Home visitors have observed for years that sharing information with parents, in itself, does not generally result in more nurturing, involved parenting practices. Research has consistently shown that without an on-going reflective focus on integrating concepts and skills acquired during a seminar, training participants quickly revert to their previous level of practice.

During our seminars, training participants acquire skills for motivating parents to grow their own skills. To anchor and build these competencies over time, Supervisors receive as part of their training seminar tuition, an 18-24 months continuing education program to be used with staff.

Great Kids, Inc. offers a complete, comprehensive training package for Home Visitors and their Supervisors. By layering Growing Great Kids Curriculum Certification onto the approaches and tools acquired during the Integrated Strategies Seminar, Home Visitors build the competencies essential for achieving outstanding program results with families.