Growing Great Families Curriculum

Motivating Growth in Parents Strengthening Family Functioning

Growing Great Families is a curriculum and training program that can be used in conjunction with any parenting and child development curriculum. Home Visiting programs using these interactive modules tap into parents' motivation to grow and strengthen their family functioning. A key focus embedded in this curriculum design is supporting parents to improve the conditions essential for building Protective Factors for their children.

This curriculum operationalizes what it means to interact with families within the Strength –Based and Solution-Focused model. Practitioners learn about the family's core values and how to use them in partnering with families to address concerns while maintaining their focus on responsive, empathic parenting.

The 3-day GGFamilies Seminar provides experienced home visitors and their supervisors opportunities for building advanced skills. Participants will learn how to more effectively refocus families on nurturing parenting practices, even when they are constantly confronted with challenging situations in their lives.

Training Participants will expand their competencies in the following 8 areas:

  • Engaging and retaining families in your program.
  • Motivating growth in empathic and responsive parenting practices.
  • Supporting parents to identify specific personal strengths they have and how to draw upon these strengths during times of stress.
  • Integrating the family's cultural values and traditional practices to strengthen their parenting.
  • Teaching parents communication skills that will result in resourceful problem solving.
  • Applying strength-based communication strategies for addressing difficult issues with families and moving them towards change.
  • Transforming goal setting into a meaningful and family-driven process.
  • Establishing and maintaining sound professional boundaries

Supporting parents to improve the conditions essential for building Protective Factors for their children.

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