Growing Great Kids™ in Center Based & Family Care:
Birth to 3 Years and Preschool

Growing Great Kids (GGK) in Center-Based Care is the only Curriculum with a primary focus on building relationships with children that support infant/childhood social, emotional and mental health. It stands alone with its focus on enhancing childcare environments by cultivating 6 essential teacher/caregiver skill sets aimed at providing responsive, empathic care while offering children developmentally sensitive stimulation. It includes Child Development Activities as well as Parent Resource Materials.

The culturally inclusive, graphically appealing GGK in Center-Based Care Curriculum, available through a 4-Day certification Seminar, includes:

  • 500 Child Development Activities categorized in Head Start 8 domains
  • 200 Parent Resource Handouts
  • Growing Great Kids Daily Do’s: 6 Essential Skills Sets for Teachers/Caregivers and Parents
  • Goal Planning Tool

The GGK in Center-Based Care Certification Seminar is unique in that it is skill rather than information-focused. It encapsulates early childhood development and best care practices into 6 easy to remember, practical Teaching/Caregiving Strategies aimed at achieving optimal developmental outcomes for children. The seminar features:

  • Highly interactive, stimulating presentations and activities tailored for experienced adult learners
  • Live demonstrations of GGK Daily Do’s: Responsive, Developmentally Sensitive Care and Teaching Practices
  • Strategies for partnering with parents to support their child's development
  • Coaching on enhancing your care environment for “best practice” and to be in compliance with Program Standards (E/HS)
  • Practice preparing Goal Plans
  • Tools and Communication Strategies to use with parents for motivating them to be sensitive and developmentally responsive with their children.

Looking for an affordable curriculum for training Early Childhood Teachers/Caregivers?

Want step-by-step, Grab & Go training modules and handouts for teaching relationship skills and care practices that support a child's intellectual, social & emotional development? Click Here to find out more about the Train the Trainer Institute for Early Childhood Educators for Family and Center-Based Care.

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The culturally inclusive, graphically appealing GGK in Center-Based Care Curriculum, available through a 4-Day certification Seminar.


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