Growing Great Kids™ Exceeds New Head Start Performance Standards

At Great Kids, Inc. At Great Kids, Inc. we understand the importance of being assured your program complies with the new 2016 Revised Performance Standards. To help reach our common goal of supporting young children and their families we are developing several exciting new products specifically designed for our partnership with Head Start/Early Head Start programs offering the Home-Based option.

Research Based Parenting Curriculum

Growing Great Kids is a developmentally appropriate research-based parenting, early childhood home-visiting curriculum that aligns with the Head Start Early Learning Outcome Framework. The Growing Great Kids Curriculum is based on a comprehensive and robust body of research. It provides learning goals and activities that align with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework developmental domains of: (1) Approaches to Learning, (2) Social & Emotional Development, (3) Language & Literacy, (4) Cognition, and (5) Perceptual, Motor, & Physical Development. The content is grounded in a comprehensive body of research regarding current mental health, child development, and early brain development science. The Growing Great Kids Curriculum is content-rich and skill driven, promoting parenting and child development goals outlined in the Framework. Our conversation guide style curriculum manuals provide guidance on what to teach and how to teach using strength-based and skill driven strategies. One of the strongest qualities of the Growing Great Kids curriculum is that it specifically designed to promote the parent’s role as his/her child’s “developmental specialist” through effective learning experiences that support important early learning outcomes. Growing Great Kids curriculum activities and experiences are focused on the parent-child relationship and, as appropriate, the family’s traditions, culture, values, and beliefs. The curriculum will support all caregivers as they work to create a learning environment in the home that is safe, nurturing, responsive, and language and communication rich. The Child Development Milestone Charts embedded in the curriculum are based on what the research indicates is a developmentally appropriate scope and sequence for early learning. By supporting opportunities for adult-child interactions that include play, exploration, discovery, and problem-solving, children will have adequate support to optimize their development.

As of March 2017, we will also have available a crosswalk clearly demonstrating the alignment of GGK Curriculum with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

Developmental Scope and Sequence

The Growing Great Kids® curriculum materials align with the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. The curriculum materials are organized by the developmental age of the child and include learning experiences for both the parent and child that are developmentally appropriate. Progression through materials in this manner provides the developmental scope and sequence of materials based on the developmental age of the child. The modules also include Developmental Milestone charts for each domain and age level that are aligned with the Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ). These embedded Child Developmental Milestone charts are based on what the research indicates is a developmentally appropriate scope and sequence for early learning and development.

Group Socialization

Currently, many programs are successfully using the existing GGK/GGF parenting curricula materials to meet the needs of Head Start/Early Head Start Group Socialization requirements and align with the Early Learning Outcomes Framework.

Additionally, in May of 2017, a 22-session, supplemental Socialization Group manual, is scheduled for release. The Growing Great Kids® Group Socialization Manual is designed to support program/parent partnerships to effectively plan group activities while simultaneously providing group guidance on specific family strengthening strategies and child development activities that will create lots of opportunities for joyful interactions between parents and their children.

Home Visitor Competency Assessment and Intensive Coaching

Currently, GKI does have the Home Visitor 6 Competencies Self-Assessment in place to assist Home Visiting staff to identify strengths and areas for growth. There are also tools available that allow a structured observation of Home Visitors around best practices and the 6 competencies for Home Visitors.

We are very excited to announce that GKI is developing a systematic approach that will allow programs who choose to do so the ability to outsource their Home Visitor Assessment and Intensive Coaching. Available after May of 2017, one of our Certified Home Visitor Professional Development Coaches will come to your site to observe each of your staff conducting a home visit while utilizing HOVRS- A home visitor assessment tool. GKI observers are trained to reliability by the Utah State University team in the use of the Home Visit Rating Scales – Adapted & Extended (HOVRS-A+). This scale measures: (1) Home Visitor Responsiveness to Family, (2) Home-Visitor Family Relationship, (3) Home Visitor Facilitation of Parent Child Interaction, (4) Home Visitor Non-Intrusiveness/Collaboration with Family, (5) Parent-Child Interaction During Home Visit, (6) Parent-Engagement During Home Visit, and (7) Child Engagement During Home Visit.

Upon completion of the observations of your team, they will work with supervisors to determine how to most effectively support staff, either through our Intensive Home Visitor Coaching option for those most in need (for programs who are interested in outsourcing Intensive Coaching needs), your own coaching strategy, or via our existing professional development opportunities. Your program will be provided a detailed report that tracks competencies and strategies for growth. Our goal is to have the on-site Home Visitor Assessment Observations and associated professional development coaching program available to programs by May, 2017. The Home Visitors individualized professional development plan will be focused on growing HOVRS- A+ competencies in which deficits have been identified.

Professional Development Offerings that Guide Implementation Fidelity and Home Visitor Competency

GGK Tier 1 certification training includes researched based “Best Practice Recommendations” and Fidelity checklists. All GGK Curriculum users are required to be certified in a 4.5-day skill-driven seminar. In addition, Supervisors who complete the Tier 1 certification are provided online access to the GK Professional Development Academy’s Great FIT (Fidelity Implementation Training). This course is designed to help programs develop and individualize an implementation plan that incorporates all of the researched based GGK Best Practice Recommendations.

GKI also currently offers the following professional development opportunities:

  • Onsite Fidelity Program Monitoring and Technical Assistance
  • 6 Competency Self-Assessment Tool & Competency Planning Guidance
  • A variety of Professional Development Workshops designed to enhance fidelity curriculum implementation. These include but are not limited to:
    • Great FIT (online at the GK Academy)
    • GGK Refresh (online at the GK Academy)
    • Great Kids-Great Start (online at the GK Academy)
    • RE-MAP Supervision: A Model for Supervising Home Visitors o Growing Great Kids®
    • GGK Tier 2 Certification
    • Integrated Strategies for Home Visitors
    • Growing Great Families ® Advanced Practice o Goal Setting: A Framework for Family Growth
    • Professional Boundaries: Yours, Mine, and Theirs
    • Teens: Getting into Their Vibe o Growing Great Kids® Advanced Practice Integration
    • Growing Great Kids® Advanced Practice Competencies
    • Growing Great Kids® Prenatal Advanced Practice
    • Trauma Informed Mindful and Heartful Teaching: Creating Kinder Classrooms with Fewer Behavioral Disruptions
    • Customized workshops based on program requests/needs

Integrated Child Development Assessment System

We are currently in the early stages of development on technology that will interactively map child development assessment results to Growing Great Kids child development activities, curriculum subsections, and GGK Daily Do’s. This will allow Home Visitors to most effectively individualize the curriculum to meet each child’s developmental profile and work with families to manage learning.


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