Promote interactive learning and encourage the child's construction of knowledge?

Growing Great Kids Home Visiting, Child Development and Parenting Curricula provide interactive conversation guides to use with parents. The Home and Center Based Child Development Activities have their foundations in interactive learning principles that support the childís learning and the parentís critical and creative thinking skills.

Help children achieve social, emotional, linguistic, physical, and cognitive goals?

Home Visitors and Teachers/Caregivers learn 6 essential parenting/caregiving skill sets aimed at obtaining optimal developmental outcomes in all domains. For every 3-6 months of a child’s development, the GGK curriculum includes the following modules: Basic Care (Health, Nutrition, Safety, Routines, etc.), Social and Emotional Development, Cues and Communication, Physical and Brain Development, Play and Stimulation and Parent’s Corner (age-specific parenting concerns/skills).

Encourage development of positive feelings and dispositions toward learning while leading to acquisition of knowledge and skills?

Parents, Teacher/Caregivers and Home Visitors learn to use a simple strategy with each other and the children in their care that results in positive attitudes towards learning, joyful learning experiences and the desire to put effort into learning.

Have expectations that are realistic and attainable at this time?

Growing Great Kids Curricula materials provide Home Visitors, Parents and Teachers with checklists for typical development as well as conversation guides for generating discussions with parents related to their developmental expectations. Curricula materials include activities parents, teachers and caregivers can to use to support age- and development-sensitive growth.

Include children with disabilities in the curriculum?

Growing Great Kids is designed to be used emergently, offering Home Visitors and Teachers a user-friendly structure for selecting and adapting developmentally competent interventions

Build and elaborate on children's current knowledge and abilities?

Developmental checklists are provided at regular intervals for determining a child’s strengths, as well as areas for enhanced developmental support.

Lead to conceptual understanding by helping children construct their own understanding in meaningful contexts?

Through the Growing Great Kids Certification Program, Home Visitors and Teachers/Caregivers learn to be responsive to infant/child cues and signals, the principles of and how to enhance child directed play, and the importance of the parent-child relationship in development.

Facilitate concept learning and skills development in an integrated and natural way?

Growing Great Kids is grounded in using the child’s natural environment and everything in it to cultivate relationships and enrich development.

Challenge children with disabilities to attain goals beyond those specified in the IEP/IFSP?

Growing Great Kids includes a Growing Great Families Curriculum manual that provides tools for Home Visitors and Teachers to help parents reach for their motivation and dreams for their children so they will have the best chance for achieving optimal developmental goals..

Permit flexibility for children and teachers?

The Growing Great Kids Certification and Staff Development Program builds skills for using the curricula materials emergently, tailoring home visits, classroom activities, socialization groups or interactions with parents to the needs and wishes of all members of their families.

Encourage active learning and frequently allow children to make meaningful choices?

GGK includes hundreds of child development activities, written for Parents, Teachers and Home Visitors, with developmental goals and instructions for using them interactively with children. Child Directed Play is encouraged while teaching parents and caregivers to enhance the child’s creative and critical thinking.

Foster children's exploration and inquiry, rather than focusing on "right" answers or "right" ways to complete a task?

During Growing Great Kids Certification Seminars, Home Visitors and Teachers learn targeted skills sets for stimulating the child’s curiosity and the pleasure in learning that result in children being motivated to explore.

Promote the development of higher order abilities, such as thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and decision making?

Home Visitors and Teachers learn how to motivate parents to interact with children in ways that engage their critical thinking. Additionally, Home Visitors learn how to raise a parent’s awareness, how to analyze one’s thoughts and actions and how to be intentional as they interact with their child.

Promote and encourage social interaction among children and adults?

Through the Growing Great Families modules, parents learn the value of social and cultural connections and how to creatively utilize support systems to strengthen their family and enrich their child’s development. The entire curriculum is written within the context of the parent’s and child’s social relationships..

Respect children's psychological needs for activity, sensory stimulation, fresh air, rest, and nourishment?

Growing Great Kids’s holistic approach encourages Home Visitors and Teachers to respect a child’s needs for movement, good nutrition and richly stimulating in- and outdoor environments.

Promote feelings of safety, security, and belonging?

With a persistent focus on a child’s need for attachment relationships and feelings of security, GGK continuously reminds Home Visitors, Parents and Teachers of the child’s most basic emotional needs and how to meet them.

Provide experiences that promote feelings of success, competence, and enjoyment of learning?

GGK Seminar participants learn about Dr. Bruce Perry’s Cycle of Mastery and practice using a GGK Daily Do (Parenting/Caregiver Skill Set) aimed at stimulating the child’s curiosity to learn and the pride that comes with putting forth effort and accomplishing new tasks.

Promote positive relationships with families?

The Growing Great Kids Curricula Series is unique in that it includes a family strengthening component. It provides training opportunities targeting the human service component of the EHS program which builds essential skills for using a strength-based and solution focused approach with program families. When utilizing communication strategies learned, families want to participate and are motivated to be the best parents they can be..